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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
===== Equipment Data =====
===== Equipment Status =====
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/j19tuhv68bk0nsa5nruc95g4dizzxtr7 Lithography Pass-down equipment information]
* [https://labrunr.caltech.edu/Equipment_2.aspx LabRunr Equipment Status] (Select Maskwriter from the dropdown menu)
===== SOPs =====
===== SOPs =====
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/y86tagq2ajxt16wnj5bmqwupas1f1bs7 Operation SOP]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/y86tagq2ajxt16wnj5bmqwupas1f1bs7 Operation SOP]

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DWL-66 Direct-Write Laser System
Instrument Type Lithography
Techniques Direct Patterning,
Pattern Alignment,
Wafer and Mask Patterning
Staff Manager Alex Wertheim
Staff Email alexw@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-3371
Reserve time on LabRunr
Request training by email
Lab Location B217 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1536
Manufacturer Heidelberg Instruments
Model DWL-66


The Heidelberg Instruments DWL-66 is a tool for mask making and for direct patterning of wafers by the use of a HeCd laser. Precise control of the laser head and alignment produces 800-nm resolution lithography. The DWL 66 is an extremely high-resolution imaging system where over half a million dpi (dots per inch) is achieved using a 40-nm writeable address grid for exposing chrome plates or wafers.

  • Direct Writing
  • Grayscale Writing


Equipment Status
Labrunr Reservation Rules:
Advanced Res (days) Limit per Res (hrs) Limit per week (hrs)
Weekday 7 4 12
Weeknight 7 6 18
Weekend 14 6 18

For reservations that DO NOT follow the reservation policy, email the tool manager BEFORE scheduling. Your reservation can be cancelled at any time by the tool manager if it does not follow the tool reservation policy.

Optical Lithography Resources
Manufacturer Manuals


  • Exposure: 442 nm wavelength HeCd laser

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