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Bert Mendoza
Title Laboratory Coordinator
Responsibilities Lab Safety & Coordination,
Wet Chemistry, Photolithography
Phone 626-395-4075 (office)
626-491-2970 (cell)
Office 124 Steele


Role in the KNI

Bert Mendoza is the Lab Coordinator and the Safety Officer for The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) at The California Institute of Technology. In his role he assists with daily laboratory operations, training new KNI Laboratory members and maintaining KNI Laboratory supplies. Direct equipment responsibilities include: Suss MA6/BA6 Mask Aligners, GCA 6300 DSW Stepper, Heidelberg DWL-66 Laser Lithography, Tousimis 915B Critical Point Dryer, Dynatex GST-150 Scriber/Breaker, WestBond 7476D Wire Bonder, XeF2 Silicon Etcher. He is also responsible for overlooking the Wet Chemistry Room and Optical Lithography rooms.

Bert joined Caltech in March 2017 in his current role at the KNI.


Before working for the KNI, Bert worked for Caelux Corporation for five years as a process engineer. He also processed in the KNI laboratory as a corporate member during that time. At Caelux, Bert maintained the lab equipment and support systems for the cleanroom laboratory along with his duties of processing silicon wafers.

Bert worked for Sepulveda Investment Properties as a maintenance technician from 2007 to 2012. Part of his duties included general construction, installation of mechanical equipment, and maintaining rental properties.

Bert worked for Rockwell International, Conexant and Jazz Semiconductor in the Newport Beach facility for over 25 years combined. Most of his experience is from process engineering departments. Areas of experience include photolithography, wet and dry etching, thin films (furnace and deposition tools), ion implantation, final device testing, and chemical-mechanical polishing.

List of Managed Instruments

Support Tools
Wet Chemistry Lab