Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder

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Wire Bonder
Wedge-Wedge-Wire-Bonder Westbond-7476D-79.jpg
Instrument Type Support Tools,
Device Processing
Techniques Wire Bonding
Staff Manager Bert Mendoza
Staff Email
Staff Phone 626-395-4075
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Lab Location B233 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-5429
Manufacturer WestBond
Model 7476D-79


Machines of this series bond aluminum or gold wires, ranging from 0.0007 to 0.0020 inches in diameter, by the wedge-wedge technique. Ultrasonic energy is used to attach aluminum wire at room temperature, while adding work piece heat is used for attaching gold wire. Wire-bonding is often one of the last steps in the device fabrication process.

  • Bonding aluminum wire to a metal bond pads.
  • Aluminum wire thickness currently being used is 0.001 inch.


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Manufacturer Manuals
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Manufacturer Specifications
1. Minimum Pad Size - 60um wide by 90um tall with 50um spacing between pads.
Bonding will be difficult and little room for error.
2. Suggested Pad Size - 120um wide by 120um tall with 50um spacing between pads (larger is better).
3. Minimum Pad Thickness - 150nm Gold (thicker is better).
4. Suggested Pad Thickness - 250nm Gold.