Critical Point Dryer

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Critical Point Dryer
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Instrument Type Support Tools,
Substrate Processing
Techniques Critical Point Drying
Staff Manager Bert Mendoza
Staff Email
Staff Phone 626-395-4075
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Lab Location B211 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1538
Manufacturer Tousimis
Model 915B


For the preparation of nano-electromechanical structures as well as for the preparation of biological specimens, we operate a critical point dryer that prevents surface tension damage in nanostructures when removing them from etching or sample preparation solutions. Critical point drying is also a very common technique for the preparation of cell and bacteria samples before imaging with an electron microscope.

  • Prepare biological specimens for e.g. microscopy
  • Protect 3D-printed structures from surface tension damage in post-lithography processing


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Labrunr Reservation Rules:
Advanced Res (days) Limit per Res (hrs) Limit per week (hrs)
Weekday 7 4 12
Weeknight 7 6 18
Weekend 14 6 18

For reservations that DO NOT follow the reservation policy, email the tool manager BEFORE scheduling. Your reservation can be cancelled at any time by the tool manager if it does not follow the tool reservation policy.

Manufacturer Manual
Manufacturer Website
  • - Main page.
  • - Tousimis page for general sample holders.
  • Tousimis can also fabricate special holders upon request.


Manufacturer Specifications
Notable Specifications
  • Accommodated Sizes: Pieces & wafers up to 6"