Contact Mask Aligners: MA6 & MA6/BA6

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Suss Contact Mask Aligner MA6/BA6
Mask-Aligner Suss-MicroTec-MA6-BA6.jpg
Instrument Type Lithography
Techniques Frontside Alignment,
Backside Alignment,
Flood exposure
Staff Manager Alireza Ghaffari
Staff Email
Staff Phone 626-395-3984
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Lab Location B217 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1535
Manufacturer Suss MicroTec
Model MA6 & MA6/BA6


Suss MicroTec model MA6 Mask Aligner (model MA6/BA6 is shown at the top of the infobox)

The contact mask aligner is a tool that enables front- and back-side alignment of photo masks to create structures as small as 500 nm on sample sizes up to 6 inches. These systems are ideally suited for rapid definition of sub-micron devices through contact printing, and enable the high-resolution alignment of several lithographic layers to define complex devices. They are typically used to define contacts and connections to the nanostructures that are defined using the KNI's other fabrication instruments (e.g. e-beam lithography). The MA6/BA6 is also configured to do bond aligning in support of the Suss Microtec SB6L Wafer Bonder.

Suss1 MA6/BA6 Applications

  • Front Side Flood Exposure (no mask)
  • Front Side Alignment & Exposure
  • Back Side Alignment with Front Side Exposure

Suss2 MA6 Applications

  • Front Side Alignment & Exposure
  • Back Side Alignment with Front Side Exposure


Manufacturer Specifications

  • Whole wafers 2” up to 6” can be loaded.
  • Samples pieces up to 6”x6” square can be loaded.
  • Samples up to 6mm thick can be loaded..
  • Exposure Resolution:
Soft Contact Mode = 1 - 2 um
Hard Contact Mode = 1 um
Soft Vacuum Contact Mode = 1 - 0.5 um
Vacuum Contact Mode = 0.4 - 0.5 um

Suss 1 Exposure Settings

  • Channel 1 is 365nm wavelength at 15 mW/cm2.
  • Channel 2 is 405nm wavelength at 25 mW/cm2.

Suss 2 Exposure Settings

  • Channel 1 is 365nm wavelength at 10 mW/cm2.
  • Channel 2 is 405nm wavelength at 15 mW/cm2.

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Advanced Res (days) Limit per Res (hrs) Limit per week (hrs)
Weekday 7 4 12
Weeknight 7 6 18
Weekend 14 6 18

For reservations that DO NOT follow the reservation policy, email the tool manager BEFORE scheduling. Your reservation can be cancelled at any time by the tool manager if it does not follow the tool reservation policy.

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