Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

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PECVD Oxford-System-100.jpg
Instrument Type Deposition
Techniques Amorphous Silicon Deposition,
Silicon Dioxide Deposition,
Silicon Nitride Deposition
Staff Manager Kelly McKenzie
Staff Email
Staff Phone 626-395-5732
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Lab Location B235 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1532
Manufacturer Oxford Instruments
Model Plasmalab System 100


The Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system is an Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Plasmalab System 100 platform that is optimized for amorphous silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride deposition. The PECVD has a variable temperature stage (RT to 600 °C). This system supports wafer sizes up to 6 inches, and provides PECVD film growth over a wide range of process conditions.

  • Amorphous Silicon Deposition
  • Silicon Dioxide Deposition
  • Silicon Nitride Deposition
Allowed material in PECVD System
  • Si, SixNy, SiO2, SOI
  • Hard masks compatible with process temperature
PECVD Gas List
  • 5% SiH4 in N2
  • 5% SiH4 in Ar
  • NH3
  • N2O
  • N2
  • Mixture of CF4 and O2 (4:1) for Plasma Clean


Equipment Data
SOPs & Troubleshooting
Process Documents
Manufacturer Manuals


Manufacturer Specifications
System Features
  • Universal base console that houses the electronic sub systems, control units, pneumatics, and turbomolecular pump
  • PC 2000 Operating system
  • PECVD process chamber with 160 mm pumping port, view port, and an additional rear port for optical emission end-point-detection
  • Heated upper electrode to prevent condensation of low vapor pressure precursors
  • PECVD 205 mm electrically heated (700 °C) lower electrode with central wafer lift mechanism
  • Parameter ramping software
  • 5 Torr capacitance manometer for process control, and penning for base pressure measurement
  • Process chamber pumping with 63 mm branch to APC, and isolation valve; chamber base pressure turbo, backed by a refurbished dry pump with roots
  • Twelve line gas pod with two non-toxic and treeh toxic digital mass-flow-controlled gas lines and cleaning gas
  • Chamber Gas ring, with split gas manifold
  • Liquid vapor delivery system
  • Single-wafer automatic insertion load lock with soft pump option
System Specifications
  • Chamber wall heating 80 °C
  • 30/300 W RF generator close-coupled to the upper electrode through an automatic matching unit; the generator is configured to operate in a low-power mode (0-30 W) for higher accuracy during low-rate deposition processes
  • 600 W solid-state 50-460 kHz LF generator

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