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|RoomLocation = B235 Steele
|RoomLocation = B235 Steele
|LabPhone = 626-395-1532
|LabPhone = 626-395-1532
|PrimaryStaff = [[Nathan S. Lee]]
|PrimaryStaff = [[Kelly McKenzie]]
|StaffEmail = nathslee@caltech.edu
|StaffEmail = kmmckenz@caltech.edu
|StaffPhone = 626-395-1319
|StaffPhone = 626-395-5732
|Manufacturer = Tystar Corporation
|Manufacturer = Tystar Corporation
|Model = Tytan Horizontal<br>Diffusion Furnace
|Model = Tytan Horizontal<br>Diffusion Furnace

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Tystar Tytan Tube Furnaces 1 & 2
Instrument Type Support Tools,
Thermal Processing
Techniques Oxidation, Annealing
Staff Manager Kelly McKenzie
Staff Email kmmckenz@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-5732
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Lab Location B235 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1532
Manufacturer Tystar Corporation
Model Tytan Horizontal
Diffusion Furnace


The system is designed for processing up to one-hundred, 150 mm (6") wafers per tube. Tube 1 is designated for wet & dry oxidation using a flask evaporator. Tube 2 is designated for dry oxidation and annealing.

  • Dry & Wet oxidation
  • Annealing


Equipment Data
Tystar Oxidation Recipe
SOPs & Troubleshooting