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|Techniques = Selective dry Si etching
|Techniques = Selective dry Si etching
|RequestTraining = alexw@caltech.edu
|RequestTraining = alexw@caltech.edu
|EmailList = kni-XeF2@caltech.edu
|EmailList = kni-XeF2
|EmailListName = XeF<sub>2</sub>
|EmailListName = XeF<sub>2</sub>

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XeF2 Silicon Etcher
Instrument Type Etching
Techniques Selective dry Si etching
Staff Manager Alex Wertheim
Staff Email alexw@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-3371
Reserve time on LabRunr
Request training by email
Sign up for XeF2 email list
Lab Location B235C Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1539
Manufacturer N/A
Model N/A


The XeF2 etcher flows pressure- and time-controlled pulses of XeF2 gas into a chamber to deliver an isotropic etch that is highly selective only to silicon. It is commonly used to remove Si under layers that are accessed through vias, in order to suspend membranes and other structures in MEMS devices.

  • Very high selectivity dry Si etching
  • MEMS fabrication