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* [https://caltech.box.com/s/n0abqy5z1e9a8hbyf38qybxu86sqz3vb Scripting – AutoScript Language Manual (year 2005 Technical Note: less complete, still useful)]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/n0abqy5z1e9a8hbyf38qybxu86sqz3vb Scripting – AutoScript Language Manual (year 2005 Technical Note: less complete, still useful)]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/tlqgvtkkiahi261megm087i61gqlfzrc Scripting – RunScript Manual]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/tlqgvtkkiahi261megm087i61gqlfzrc Scripting – RunScript Manual]
===== Simulation Software =====
* [http://www.gel.usherbrooke.ca/casino/What.html CASINO Electron Beam Simulation Software – simulate e-beam/specimen interactions]
* [http://www.srim.org/ The Stopping & Range of Ions in Matter (SRIM) – simulate i-beam/specimen interactions]
===== Order Your Own Stubs =====
* [https://www.tedpella.com/SEM_html/SEMclip.htm.aspx Buy stubs (with copper clips, recommended) from Ted Pella]
* [https://www.tedpella.com/sem_html/SEMpinmount.htm Buy stubs (without copper clips) from Ted Pella]

= Specifications =
= Specifications =

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Nova 600 NanoLab
Instrument Type Microscopy
Techniques SEM, Ga-FIB, Omniprobe,
Immersion Lens Imaging,
GIS, Cross-sectioning,
TEM Lamella Sample Prep
Staff Manager Matthew S. Hunt, PhD
Staff Email matthew.hunt@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-5994
Reserve time on LabRunr
Request training by email
Sign up for SEM-FIB email list
Lab Location B233B Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1534
Manufacturer FEI (now Thermo Fisher)
Model {{{Model}}}


The Nova 600 is a "dual beam" system that combines a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a gallium focused ion beam (Ga-FIB). It can be used to capture high quality images (with sub-10 nm resolution) and perform site-specific etching and material deposition (with sub-50 nm resolution). It is also equipped with an Omniprobe lift-out system for TEM lamella sample preparation. See a full list of training and educational resources for this instrument below.

SEM Applications
  • Ultra-High-Resolution Imaging (Immersion Mode)
  • High-Resolution Imaging (Field-Free Mode)
  • Secondary Electron (SE) & Backscattered Electron (BSE) Imaging
  • Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD) & Through-the-Lens Detector (TLD)
  • Platinum deposition via Gas Injection System (GIS)
Ga-FIB Applications
  • Directly etch patterns into material
  • Cutting & Imaging Cross-Sections
  • TEM Lamella Sample Preparation using an Omniprobe for Liftout
  • Platinum & SiOx deposition via GIS
  • Enhanced etch with XeF2 via GIS
  • Automated patterning with RunScript program & AutoScript language


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Video Tutorials
Graphical Handouts
Manufacturer Manuals
Simulation Software
Order Your Own Stubs


Manufacturer Specifications
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Specifications
  • 0.5 to 30.0 kV
  • Apertures: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mmm, 30 mm
  • etc.
Gallium Focused Ion Beam (Ga-FIB) Specifications
  • 5.0 to 30.0 kV
  • 10 pA - 20 nA
  • etc.