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* [https://caltech.box.com/s/3b9zbdj1uoazz7zbz8png25c2ba65vas Comparison of etch rates using different sample-fixing oils]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/3b9zbdj1uoazz7zbz8png25c2ba65vas Comparison of etch rates using different sample-fixing oils]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/40kaaqur8ohyg55uq2pv3jqrzlgi98ts Comparison of Pseudo-Bosch ICP-RIE Etch of SiO2-SiNx]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/40kaaqur8ohyg55uq2pv3jqrzlgi98ts Comparison of Pseudo-Bosch ICP-RIE Etch of SiO2-SiNx]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/wemw91xtjrh7ac34ks9ai3lv1oujivxa Al2O3 Etch in Oxford ICP and Plasmatherm RIE]

===== Review Articles =====
===== Review Articles =====

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III-V, Metal & Si Etcher
ICP-RIE III-V,Metal,Si-Etcher.jpg
Instrument Type Etching
Techniques pseudo-Bosch & Cryogenic Si Etch
Compound Semiconductor Etching
Staff Manager Nathan S. Lee
Staff Email nathslee@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-1319
Reserve time on LabRunr
Request training by email
Lab Location B235 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1532
Manufacturer Oxford Instruments
Model Plasmalab System 100


The III-V, Metal & Silicon inductively-coupled plasma reactive-ion etcher (ICP-RIE) is an Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Plasmalab System 100 ICP-RIE 380 system that is optimized for the etching of compound semiconductors, metals, and silicon. In addition to a wide range of gases for etching a variety of III-V materials and metals, this system is configured for highly-selective ICP-RIE of silicon via the pseudo-Bosch process, allowing silicon etching with SF6 and C4F8 gases as well as cryogenic silicon etching with SF6 and O2 over a temperature range of -140 to 300 °C. This system supports wafer sizes up to 6 inches.

  • InP grating etch
  • GaAs photonics device etch
  • pseudo-Bosch of silicon
  • Metals etch
  • Cryogenic etch of silicon (available upon request)
Allowed Material in Etcher
  • Si, SixNy, SiO2, Ge, InP, GaAs, Al, Mo, Nb, W, Ti
  • PMMA/ZEP/SPR/AZ/maN resists, SiOx/Al2O3, Cr hard masks
  • Metal in etch stack
Etching Gas List
  • SF6
  • C4F8
  • O2
  • Ar
  • Cl2
  • SiCl4
  • CH4
  • H2
  • HBr


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Process Documents
Review Articles
Manufacturer Manuals


Manufacturer Specifications
System Features
  • Universal base console that houses the electronic sub systems, control units, pneumatics, and turbomolecular pump
  • PC 2000 Operating system
  • ICP process chamber with 200 mm pumping port, view port and end-point-detection ports for optical emission spectrometer and laser interferometer
  • Variable height 240 mm Cryo RIE electrode
  • Parameter ramping software (Not Bosch)
  • 100-mTorr, temperature-stabilized capacitance manometer for process control with an active penning gauge for base pressure measurement
  • 200 mm pumping port is fitted with a 200 mm variable gate valve for chamber isolation and process pressure control
  • Twelve line gas pod with three non-toxic and six toxic digital mass-flow-controlled gas lines
  • Alcatel 1300 l/s MAGLEV turbo pump
  • Single-wafer automatic insertion load lock with soft pump option
System Specifications
  • Chamber wall heating 80 °C
  • Cryo table range -140 to 400 °C
  • ICP 380 mm remote high-density plasma source with 5 kW RF generator and automatic matching unit close-coupled to the source
  • Substrate bias control by 30 / 300 W RIE source
  • Helium back-side wafer cooling