DWL-66: Direct-Write Laser System

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DWL-66 Direct-Write Laser System
Instrument Type Lithography
Techniques Direct patterning,
Pattern alignment,
Wafer and mask patterning
Staff Manager Bert Mendoza
Staff Email bertm@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-4075
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Lab Location B217 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1536
Manufacturer Heidelberg Instruments
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The Heidelberg Instruments DWL-66 is a tool for mask making and for direct patterning of wafers by the use of a HeCd laser. Precise control of the laser head and alignment produces 800-nm resolution lithography. The DWL 66 is an extremely high-resolution imaging system where over half a million dpi is achieved using a 40-nm writeable address grid for exposing chrome plates or wafers.

Type1 Applications
  • Direct writing
  • Grayscale writing


Manufacturer Manuals


  • Exposure: 442 nm wavelength HeCd laser