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|InstrumentName = Critical Point Dryer
|InstrumentName = Critical Point Dryer
|HeaderColor = #FFFFFF
|HeaderColor = #E6E7E8
|ImageOne =  
|ImageOne = Diamond-Lattice_Eleftheria-Roumeli.jpg
|ImageTwo =  
|ImageTwo =  
|InstrumentType = [[Equipment_List#Support tools|Substrate Processing]]
|InstrumentType = [[Equipment_List#Support tools|Substrate Processing]]

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Critical Point Dryer
Diamond-Lattice Eleftheria-Roumeli.jpg
Instrument Type Substrate Processing
Techniques Critical Point Drying
Staff Manager Bert Mendoza
Staff Email bertm@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-4075
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Lab Location B211 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1538
Manufacturer Tousimis
Model 915B


For the preparation of nano-electromechanical structures as well as for the preparation of biological specimens, we operate a critical point dryer that prevents surface tension damage in nanostructures when removing these from etching or sample preparation solutions. Critical point drying is also a very common technique for the preparation of cell and bacteria samples before imaging with an electron microscope.

  • Application1
  • Application2
  • Application3


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Manufacturer Manual


Manufacturer Specifications
Notable Specifications
  • Voltage Range: 0.5 to 30.0 kV
  • Aperture Sizes: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mmm, 30 mm
  • etc.