Rapid Thermal Processor

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Rapid Thermal Processor
Rapid-Thermal-Processor RTP-600S.jpg
Instrument Type Support Tools,
Thermal Processing
Techniques Annealing
Staff Manager Alex Wertheim
Staff Email alexw@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-3371
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Lab Location B235C Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1234
Manufacturer Modular Process Technology
Model RTP-600S


The 600S-RTP is capable of sustaining temperatures up to 500 °C for short periods of a few minutes. It can ramp at rates up to 50 °C/s. Process gases available are nitrogen and Tri-gas (an argon/nitrogen/hydrogen mixture similar to forming gas). It is typically used for brief annealing and other temperature treatment steps that require a very fast ramp rate. For sustained annealing processes at higher temperatures, the Tystar Tytan tube furnaces are better suited.

  • Rapid annealing
  • Spin-on dopant incorporation
  • Metal–semiconductor contact formation