Wet Chemistry Safety

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Requesting New Chemicals

PPE Overview

Refer to manual

Hazardous Waste Handling and Labeling

Refer to manual

Decanting Chemicals

Hot Plate Rules

When using hot plates, check that your beaker is both suitable for hot plate use and smaller than the area of the hot plate.

Never use a Teflon or plastic beaker on a hot plate.

Always monitor the temperature of the chemicals on a hot plate with the appropriate thermometer.

Buddy System

The laboratory is open to qualified users both day and night, weekdays and weekends. Certain instruments and procedures may, however, be restricted to the normal work day, or only allowed in the presence of a staff member. In general, a“buddy” is another knowledgeable user within the facility who can and will watch out for you in case of trouble. Laboratory “buddies” must of necessity communicate with each other to be effective. The use of chemicals in particular is restricted to the buddy system after normal hours, i.e. all time outside 8 a.m.-5 p.m. normal workdays.

You may not wet etch, mix chemicals, or dispose of waste without another user in the area.A “visitor” is not considered a knowledgeable user for the purpose of the “buddy” system. The buddy system particularly applies to all wet chemical use during off hours. Additional procedures may apply to specific instruments. You will be advised of these when you are trained on each instrument.

Each piece of equipment will have a training requirement before a user is permitted to use it without supervision. A probationary period of operation, consisting of a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of daytime use without user-caused problems, will then be required before the user will be allowed to operate the equipment off-hours. If a user-caused incident occurs after that, the individual will need to obtain additional training (amount at the discretion of the KNI staff) and repeat the probation on the equipment during daytime hours M-F to re-gain the off-hour privileges.

Secondary Containment

Other Best Practices