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Overview of KNI Lab User Fees
Note: Rates below are valid beginning October 1, 2020 and are subject to change

  • Fees are incurred on a pay-as-you-go basis. (tools are charged by the hour or portion thereof)
  • Caltech/JPL/Academic or Government lab members are NOT charged any Lab fees during calendar months of non-use.

Caltech Academic Usage Rates

Below is a table of hourly rates for the equipment in the KNI Laboratory. Caltech/JPL users receive a quarterly fee cap for use of the cleanroom equipment in the KNI Lab. The maximum direct lab costs for cleanroom equipment that an individual Caltech/JPL user will be charged, per billing quarter, is $3,750.

FY21 KNI Lab Rates Acad Govt Qtr.jpg

Fee Cap Exceptions to Note TF-30 STEM in Keck Building: Lab members who only use the TF-30 are exempt from paying the General Cleanroom hourly rate. TF-30 use does NOT qualify for the monthly Lab fee cap. Users will be billed for actual use at the hourly rate. Precious Metal (gold and platinum) usage will be billed the market rate, per gram. Dedicated KNI Staff Labor/Support for Research is $100/hr.

Note: Rates for JPL, Non-Caltech Academic, Government, and Corporate KNI lab members will be subject to Caltech's F&A (indirect/"overhead") costs. The F&A rate for fiscal year 2020 is 67.5%

Corporate Memberships

For information on the KNI corporate lab membership plan, please send an email to with details regarding 1) the number of people looking to join as KNI lab members, 2) equipment needs, 3) anticipated start date, and 4) information about the company. Startup companies may qualify for limited-term reduced rates.