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In order to become a lab user in the KNI, please fill out the relevant form below and submit to Tiffany Kimoto (, then follow the next steps below. External users will be required to submit additional paperwork. You can find information on our usage rates here.

*NOTE: New users must submit the New User form before their lab access is granted. Tool-specific training typically begins within the first two weeks after one's account has been setup. However, some lab areas and tools may have a longer wait period. If there is a tool you are interested in using ASAP, reach out to the staff member in charge of the system and ask for an estimate for when training can begin.

KNI User Information & Billing Forms

External Users

Non-Caltech Academic/Government and Industry/Corporate members are considered external users. There are additional requirements to set up an external user's KNI lab access:

  • Facilities Use Agreement (FUA)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (COI)
  • Purchase Order (PO)

Please contact Tiffany Kimoto ( for full details on the terms and rates, along with the required paperwork for setting up your external lab membership.

Next Steps

For all users:

Once paperwork has been submitted, please contact Associate Director of Technical Operations Guy DeRose ( for general process questions. Attach the KNI Lab New Process Description form to your email inquiry.

Contact the Lab Coordinator and Safety Officer Bert Mendoza (, to schedule New Member Orientation and Chemical Handling training. Training is offered through Zoom meetings on Fridays at 1pm, when scheduled. It is requested you study the KNI Workplace Specific Safety Training PowerPoint presentation before requesting Zoom training. The presentation will need to be downloaded for the links to work properly.

NOTE: If you will be using the Tecnai TF-30 TEM only, you can bypass the general safety training requirement and contact Guy DeRose ( directly to schedule instrument training.

KNI Member Offboarding

- The Offboarding SOP must be completed when ending your KNI Lab membership.

- It lists items such as Labrunr, Stored Items, Chemicals, Stored Data/Files, etc, which should to be addressed before your membership ends.