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In order to establish your KNI lab membership, please fill out the relevant form below and submit to Tiffany Kimoto ( External users will be required to submit additional paperwork. Note that you can find information on our rates here.

KNI Information & Billing Forms

External Users

Non-Caltech Academic/Government and Corporate members are considered external users. There are additional requirements to set up an external user's KNI lab membership:

  • Facilities Use Agreement (FUA)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (COI)
  • Purchase Order (PO)

Please contact Tiffany Kimoto ( for full instructions and documents.

Next Steps

For all users: Once paperwork has been submitted, please contact Guy DeRose ( to schedule your general safety training session. If you will be using the Tecnai TF-30 TEM only, you can bypass the general safety training requirement and contact Matthew Hunt ( directly to schedule instrument training.