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KNI Lab Rules and Safety Documents

KNI Lab Rules

All KNI users must follow the guidelines listed below, including the updated general SOPs for entry and exit and Labrunr tool reservations. In order to protect the safety of all KNI lab users and staff, repeated violations to these policies will result in revocation of lab access.

Current Phase: 5
  • Effective June 24, 2021 at 8:00 am, lab members will be able to use the KNI 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with increased density per the documents found below.

Mandatory protocols for the phased re-opening of the KNI Lab:

  • Read and follow Caltech's Coronavirus Information Guidelines on Returning to Campus
  • For each day you are on campus, fill out Caltech's Health Attestation and Self-Reported Contact and Location Log, via Click the "COVID-19 Reporting" link in the Self Service section.
  • All KNI Lab users reporting to campus must participate in Caltech's on-campus COVID testing. Individuals who have submitted proof of full vaccination will no longer need to participate in the Institute's surveillance testing program when they report to campus. However, individuals may not voluntarily remove themselves from the surveillance testing program; an individual's fully vaccinated status must be confirmed through the Institute's COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation application.
  • The KNI Lab’s safety, hygiene, density, and physical distancing requirements:
  • Training for both returning and new lab members will continue with the hybrid remote and limited in-person equipment and new user/general safety training plans that began during earlier phases.
  • The KNI technical staff members will operate on four days per week in-lab schedule (starting June 1, 2021), unless there are schedule conflicts. Staff will either be working in their offices or telecommuting on the days they do not report to the lab. Some delay in response to equipment requests is to be expected.
  • Steele building elevator occupancy:
    • Phase 5 - Max 7000 pounds weight limit, 46 persons Max.
    • Phase 4 - Only two people are allowed to use the elevator at a time.
    • Phase 3 - Only one person allowed to use the elevator at a time.
    • Phase 1 & 2 - RESTRICTED USE OF THE ELEVATOR: Use South Stairwell. (One person allowed to use the elevator ONLY when transporting items)

KNI Lab General SOPs

KNI Lab Safety Documents

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