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== KNI Safety Presentations ==
== KNI Safety Presentations ==
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/yigdk8rmx0oi2mo2y5ob67bs7gmtq48y KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2016]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/lnkuj3x4xfn7343i7lf4m5gtl9vmwyvr KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2018]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/20ycg3j0s0575j0rk9ejewlmlpynh69t KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2019]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/20ycg3j0s0575j0rk9ejewlmlpynh69t KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2019]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/yigdk8rmx0oi2mo2y5ob67bs7gmtq48y KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2016]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/l59x34gl5zn71fjnkrvvuszy5pl3ppcy KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2022]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/l59x34gl5zn71fjnkrvvuszy5pl3ppcy KNI Cleanroom Safety Review 2022]

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KNI Lab Rules and Safety Documents

KNI Lab Rules

All KNI users must follow the guidelines listed below, including the updated general SOPs for entry and exit and Labrunr tool reservations. In order to protect the safety of all KNI lab users and staff, repeated violations to these policies will result in revocation of lab access.

Current Phase: 5
  • Effective June 24, 2021 at 8:00 am, lab members will be able to use the KNI 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with increased density per the documents found below.

Mandatory protocols for the phased re-opening of the KNI Lab:

  • Read Caltech's Coronavirus Information Website for the most up-to-date guidelines and resources.
  • As of April 22, 2022, high-quality masks (surgical, N95s, KN95s, or KF95s) must be worn in all indoor locations on campus, including athletic facilities. Exceptions to this rule can be made when an individual is alone in a space or is actively eating or drinking.
  • Individuals who are ill or experiencing symptoms of illness are not to come to campus or report for on-site work. 
  • All Caltech students, employees, and external affiliates must comply with campus vaccination requirements.
  • Individuals who do not report regularly to campus or who have other questions about the testing program and how it applies to them, may find additional information on the Caltech Together site or contact covid19@caltech.edu.
    • KNI Lab Entrance/Exit Room B207 - Phase 5: Four people are allowed to use the entrance gowning room at the same time: Social distancing is in effect in the "No Standing Zone".
    • KNI Lab Entrance/Exit Room B207 - Phase 3 & 4: Two people are allowed to use the entrance gowning room at the same time - Only one person allowed inside the "No Standing Zone" and the "Changing Zones" at any time.
    • KNI Lab Occupancy Limit - Phase 5: Maximum 41 people allowed in the lab at any given time. Limits on room-by-room density of personnel have been lifted except for B207-Lab Entrance/Exit (4 persons Max).
  • Training for both returning and new lab members will continue with the hybrid remote and expanded in-person equipment and new user/general safety training plans building upon those that began during earlier phases.
  • The KNI technical staff members will operate on four days per week in-lab schedule unless there are schedule conflicts. Staff will either be working in their offices or telecommuting on the days they do not report to the lab. Some delay in response to equipment requests is to be expected.
  • Steele building elevator occupancy:
    • Phase 5 - Max 7000 pounds weight limit, 46 persons Max.

KNI Lab General SOPs

KNI Lab Safety Documents

KNI Safety Presentations

Caltech Safety Documents

California Nanosafety Consortium of Higher Education