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UPDATED March 17, 2022

Dear KNI lab members and community,

The KNI is following the current health and safety guidelines provided by the Caltech administration. Researchin the KNI Laboratory is able to be conducted nearly as it was before the pandemic; there is no longer a 6-foot physical distance requirement inside the lab or in campus buildings, and fully signed-off users may enter the lab 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Currently the gowning area inside the cleanroom has a maximum capacity of 4 people at a time. Fully vaccinated individuals may opt to not wear a face mask indoors; however current CDC guidelines recommend it. Masking (N95 or KN95 grade) is required during one-on-one equipment training sessions with KNI staff.

All users are expected to review and adhere to our current lab rules and safety protocols; please visit the Lab Rules & Safety page for complete information. Contact Lab Coordinator and Safety Officer Bert Mendoza or Associate Director of Technical Operations, Dr. Guy DeRose for any questions about lab and safety protocols.

Per Caltech guidelines, all vaccinated individuals reporting to campus must upload proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated individuals must continue to participate in the campus surveillance testing program. Caltech's latest communications and policies can be found at All people coming to campus must continue to complete the COVID attestation report.

The KNI is accepting new members (see Membership Forms page) and is providing equipment training for new and current lab members. All new and returning members are required to complete a refresher safety training if they have not entered the KNI Lab since the pandemic-related shutdown. Please refer to the Equipment List page for the full listing of equipment with links to individual tool pages with contact information of the staff member in charge.

If you have any other questions, please contact Guy DeRose or Executive Director,Tiffany Kimoto.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our lab members and Caltech community. We look forward to having you back to the KNI.

- KNI staff