Barry Baker

From the KNI Lab at Caltech
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Barry Baker
Title Laboratory Assistant
Responsibilities Lab Infrastructure,
Lab Maintenance
Phone 626-395-5732 (office)
Office 330 Steele


Role in the KNI

My biggest role in the KNI teams is to provide help with new project installations as well as doing maintenance on equipment that is needed. On a daily basis I conduct walkthroughs of the labs, including the Keck lab that houses the TF-30.


I have been with KNI since Oct 2017, before that I spent form April 2011 to Oct 2017 being the Laboratory manager for Dr. Oskar Painter at California Institute of Technology. I was responsible for taking care of 3 optical labs and a cleanroom facility for his research group. IN his group I was the lead person for installations of many new pieces of equipment including 2 Dilution Refrigerators, an E-beam Evaporator and an Atomic layer deposition tool.

List of Lab Responsibilities

  • Lab Walkthrough
  • Back up to Lab Coordinator
  • Chillers
  • TF-30 service chase

Project involvement

Sputter tool installation

Along with Alex and Bert, I was involved with the installation of all utilities needed for the sputter tools, including all water, CDA, N2 and gas lines.

ALD installation

Along with Nathan and Bert, I was involved with the installation of all utilities for the Oxford ALD system, this including running new gas lines and manifolds for the Oxford service chase as well as CDA,N2 and water lines.


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