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The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI)
A look inside the KNI Laboratory cleanroom at Caltech
MissionAdvancing multidisciplinary research in nanoscience
Fields of ResearchElectronics, Photonics,
Quantum Matter & Technology,
Medical & Biological Engineering,
and Sustainability
Home InstitutionCalifornia Institute of Technology
LocationPasadena, California
United States
BuildingSteele Laboratory
Campus Building #81
DirectorOskar Painter, Nai-Chang Yeh
Lab Users150+

About the KNI

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) Laboratory, located at the California Institute of Technology, spans 10,000 ft2 across two facilities, primary among them the 7,500 ft2 controlled-environment cleanroom in the Steele Building sub-basement, where the majority of lithography, deposition, etching, microscopy, and supporting instrumentation is located. Managed by full-time technical staff and available for use by researchers at Caltech and other academic, government and industrial institutions, the KNI Laboratory is equipped for — and dedicated to — exploring the limits of nanofabrication.

Available Resources

This lab site contains resources that are meant to maximize our users' ability to be safe, informed, productive KNI lab members. We also welcome non-KNI members to learn about our lab and make use of any resources provided on this site.

  • Sidebar: See the left-hand sidebar for general information, links to equipment categories, and other resources
  • Equipment List: Find resources for any given instrument (e.g. SOPs, troubleshooting, presentations, manuals, videos, specifications)
  • Equipment Reservations: Go to the KNI's LabRunr site to make reservations to use the equipment
  • KNI Document Library: Find resources grouped by instrument type
  • KNI's YouTube channel: Video tutorials, also linked to from individual instrument pages
  • The KNI Website: Official information on KNI programs, research, publications, and news

Equipment Updates

To receive staff & user updates on individual instruments (or groups of instruments), go to Email Lists and subscribe to all relevant lists.

Contacting the KNI

For general or specific inquiries, go to KNI Staff Members and use the information there to contact the appropriate individual(s).

New Membership

To become a KNI lab member, see the information and forms provided on Membership Forms.