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The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI)
A look inside the KNI Laboratory cleanroom at Caltech
MissionAdvancing multidisciplinary research in nanoscience
Fields of ResearchElectronics, Photonics,
Quantum Matter & Technology,
Medical & Biological Engineering,
and Sustainability
Home InstitutionCalifornia Institute of Technology
LocationPasadena, California
United States
BuildingSteele Laboratory
Campus Building #81
DirectorOskar Painter, Nai-Chang Yeh
Lab Users150+

About the KNI[edit]

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) Laboratory, located at the California Institute of Technology, spans 10,000 ft2 across two facilities, primary among them the 7,500 ft2 controlled-environment cleanroom in the Steele Building sub-basement, where the majority of lithography, deposition, etching, microscopy, and supporting instrumentation is located. Managed by full-time technical staff and available for use by researchers at Caltech and other academic, government and industrial institutions, the KNI Laboratory is equipped for — and dedicated to — exploring the limits of nanofabrication.

Available Resources[edit]

This lab site contains resources that are meant to maximize our users' ability to be safe, informed, productive KNI lab members. We also welcome non-KNI members to learn about our lab and make use of any resources provided on this site.

  • Sidebar: See the left-hand sidebar for general information, links to equipment categories, and other resources
  • Equipment List: Find resources for any given instrument (e.g. SOPs, troubleshooting, presentations, manuals, videos, specifications)
  • Equipment Reservations: Go to the KNI's LabRunr site to make reservations to use the equipment
  • KNI Document Library: Find resources grouped by instrument type
  • KNI's YouTube channel: Video tutorials, also linked to from individual instrument pages
  • The KNI Website: Official information on KNI programs, research, publications, and news

Equipment Updates[edit]

To receive staff & user updates on individual instruments (or groups of instruments), go to Email Lists and subscribe to all relevant lists.

Contacting the KNI[edit]

For general or specific inquiries, go to KNI Staff Members and use the information there to contact the appropriate individual(s).

New Membership[edit]

To become a KNI lab member, see the information and forms provided on Membership Forms.