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cleaning procedures links, breakout

Sample Cleaning Resources


Solvent Cleans

  • Acetone, IPA
    • Solvent for organics, IPA cleans remaining residues due to acetone's high evaporation rate
  • Acetone, Methanol
    • Similar to above except Methanol is more toxic, and a polar chemical versus IPA which is non-polar
  • Acetone, Methanol, IPA
  • Acetone, Methanol, IPA, DI Water
  • Remover PG (50°C), IPA
  • Dichloromethane, IPA
    • Caution, high evaporation rate may leave residue and beakers get quickly condense water/ice
  • Nanostrip?

Etching Cleans


Piranha Etch

HF Dip

Plasma Cleans

Wet Etching Resources

find etch list book and other links

Research Papers and Books

External Laboratories

also find alternative:

Commercial Materials

KNI Wet Etch Recipes Table

Table of Wet Etch recipes from KNI Papers

And general table from you, not from papers, maybe from recipes?

Material Etchant Rate (nm/min) Anisotropy Selective to Selectivity Origin and Notes
KNI CHA Al Al Etch Type D ~1000 Highly Al High Transene
KNI PECVD SiO2 HF ~1000 Highly SiO2 High measured 10/19
KNI PECVD SiN3 Ex ~1000 Highly SiN3 High measured 10/19
KNI PECVD a-Si KOH ~1000 Highly Si High measured 10/19

Other Procedures



Safety Resources