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* [https://caltech.box.com/s/jesslkguhfgdl9pud83mmtm2ruf6vb50 Power Up Oxford ICP-RIE SOP]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/jesslkguhfgdl9pud83mmtm2ruf6vb50 Power Up Oxford ICP-RIE SOP]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/29e5taof6r80d45lfb4sgbup1k6rebpx Gas Status Board SOP]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/29e5taof6r80d45lfb4sgbup1k6rebpx Gas Status Board SOP]
* [https://caltech.box.com/s/sz9pai0icsntnef6me23veiwtwdui0gm Troubleshooting Guide]

===== Process Documents =====
===== Process Documents =====

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Silicon-Microcones Paul-A-Kempler.jpg
Instrument Type Etching
Techniques Bosch, Cryogenic etch of silicon
Staff Manager Nathan S. Lee
Staff Email nathslee@caltech.edu
Staff Phone 626-395-1319
Reserve time on LabRunr
Request training by email
Lab Location B235 Steele
Lab Phone 626-395-1532
Manufacturer Oxford Instruments
Model Plasmalab System 100
DRIE Bosch-and-Cryo ICP–RIE.jpg


The MEMS / Bosch / Cryo Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etch (ICP-RIE) is is an Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Plasmalab System 100 ICP-RIE 380 system that is optimized for silicon etching. This system is configured for deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) via the Bosch process, allowing silicon etching with C4F8 and SF6 gases. Close-coupled gas pods are included in this system for fast Bosch switching; this allows the etching of bulk silicon for MEMS applications with etch rates of approximately 10-25 micrometers/minute. The silicon ICP-RIE has a variable temperature stage (-150 to 400 °C) to permit cryogenic etching of silicon with SF6 and O2 if needed. This system supports wafer sizes up to 6 inches, and provides accurate deep etching capabilities for silicon only.

  • Deep silicon etch using Bosch process
  • Cryogenic etch of silicon
  • pseudo-Bosch of silicon
Allowed material in DRIE
  • Si, SixNy, SiO2, Ge
  • PMMA/ZEP/SPR/AZ/maN resists, SiOx/Al2O3 hard masks
  • Buried/backside metal ok if never exposed (not an etch stop)
DRIE Gas List
  • SF6
  • C4F8
  • O2
  • Ar
  • N2


SOPs & Troubleshooting
Process Documents
Manufacturer Manuals


Manufacturer Specifications
System Features
  • Universal base console which houses the electronic sub systems, control units, pneumatics, and turbomolecular pump
  • PC 2000 Operating system
  • ICP process chamber with 200 mm pumping port, view port and end-point-detection ports for optical emission spectrometer and laser interferometer
  • Variable height 240 mm Cryo RIE electrode
  • Parameter ramping software
  • 100 mTorr, temperature-stabilized capacitance manometer for process control with an active penning gauge for base pressure measurement
  • 200 mm pumping port is fitted with a 200 mm variable gate valve for chamber isolation and process pressure control
  • Close-coupled gas pod to ICP for two digital non-toxic mass-flow-controlled gas lines (SF6, and C4F8)
  • Six line gas pod with 3 non-toxic digital mass-flow-controlled gas lines
  • Alcatel 1300 l/s MAGLEV turbo pump
  • Single-wafer automatic insertion load lock with soft pump option
  • Single user license for Anisotropic Silicon Etch Process (Bosch)

System Specifications
  • Chamber wall heating 80 deg C
  • Cryo table range -150 to 400 deg C
  • ICP 380mm remote high-density plasma source with 8 kW RF generator and automatic matching unit close-coupled to the source.
  • Substrate bias control by 30 / 300W RIE source
  • Helium back-side wafer cooling